Know Innovative Techniques of Food through Mobile Apps for Chefs

If you are a professional chef then you would definitely feel the need of getting knowledge of a wide variety of food recipes, cooking methods and ideas. But just by reading books you may not acquire sufficient knowledge of cooking. For this purpose specially designed mobile apps for chef can prove beneficial.


Keep a model of iPhone and download great apps that are made for chefs. You can know thousands of dishes and preparing techniques just by single click.

iphone chef app

There are different types of chef apps as per your needs and goals. Ever note is such an app through which you can create various ideas and visions about a food.

If you want to prepare cake dishes then choose cupcake app. Through this app you can prepare more than 100 cupcakes. One can learn about ingredients, frosting and decoration through a guide.

Cup Cake App

Through the online process you can also know about branded chef clothes. They can be acquired in different categories such as coats, shirts, pants, aprons and other accessories.

Such cloths can be purchased at affordable prices. They give professional look to the chef and save him from heat, smoke, spices or other accidents. So, improve your professional chef career by adopting Mobile Apps for Chefs.


Latest Trend of Customized Chef Uniform!

Today, anybody can easily address the person behind every successful and delicious lip smacking snacks with the help of their uniform. A chef’s uniform is distinguishable from the rest of the people working in a hotel or restaurant. Be it a Chef’s coat, pant, apron or shirt, every part of their uniform is different. Usually, the chef’s uniform is of white color which indicates the highest level of cleanliness and purity with extreme professionalism in their work.

Although, as the time evolved, the chef’s uniform merely undergoes any changes or alterations. But, nowadays, instead of traditional kitchen shirts, personalized chef shirts are more demanded in the market. Now, what is a personalized shirt? It is just a simple chef shirt with little modification like choice of fabric, colors, and styles with printed company name or logo with choice of buttons, pockets, etc.

personalized chef shirts

In these days, every eatery or hotel owner wants their personals to look more stylish and modern for which they started using different kinds of fabric for their chef’s uniform which are more than comfortable apparel and become a style symbol for others. They use various kinds of colors and styles to give additional attractive and influencing look for their customers with company’s name and logo printed on it.

Chef Uniform

Also, a number of textile & clothing manufacturers started manufacturing such kinds of shirts as per strict user requirements with most of the unique and new innovative ideas. Such merchandisers offer retail and wholesale stores as well as online shopping of personalized chef shirts to grab the attention of their potential users. They also provide free shipping at the user’s doorstep at very moderate rates.

The Modern Day Chef Uniform

The modern day chefs are not just confined to the kitchen, slogging day in day out to deliver to their customers, delicacies of their choice, delivering on their promise of enhancing food from mere calorie houses to a mosaic of flavors, mesmerizing our senses as soon as it moves out of the kitchen and on to the table.

Chefs have taken to the stage and with the growing culture of interaction with the clients and trying to give their customers a feel of personalized attention, the chef’s uniform has also become much more than just the regular clothing they wore in the kitchen, to portray high levels of hygiene as well as sophistication.

The modern day chef uniform comprises of the following

  • Chef Coat: Apart from the trademark double breasted style, the coat has taken many forms, getting influenced by changing trends and venturing out from the black and white world into brighter sophisticated hues.

Chef Coat

  • Chef shirt: From basic formal constructs to the modern day variants available in a multitude of designs and patterns, the chef shirt forms the basis of a chef uniform.

chef shirt

  • Chef Hat: The modern era has seen the morphing of the fluffy chef hat into various descendants like beanies, skull caps, toque etc.

Chef Hats

  • Apron: Pretty much the same, this component has gone modern in its own way and remains an integral part of the uniform.

Economy Bar Apron

  • Chef Pants: This is the component that has taken major leaps from its original self. Adding to the comfort using elastic bands and various designs the chef pant has gone from plain black to patterns to designer, but still hasn’t lost its formal touch.

Executive Chef Pants

List of Top 7 Restaurants in the U.S.

The rising number of food lovers and their budding passion to taste lip-smacking delicacies from around the world is welcoming a bumper number of new restaurants steadily. Eventually, today there are countless food courts in the US, where master chefs are serving people with their favorite cuisines. From the lengthy list of such restaurants, the most-liked ones are just a few. Let us take a look on the top 7!

  • Agricola: It is one of the most popular eatery where friends and families gather over dinner, lunch and breakfast for delicious seasonal American dishes.


  • Coqueta: This is again one of the most-liked destinations in San Francisco for people who wish to have extraordinary culinary.


  • Bar Sajor: At Bar Sajor, people from across the United States come to experience odd combination of flavors that actually work.

bar sajor

  • Daikaya: It is located in Washington, DC and known to offer lip-smacking cuisines from in different styles and forms.


  • Gunshow: This is one of the best places to slake out appetite with savoring delicacies. It provides food lovers with the sense of promise and possibility.


  • Hinoki & the Bird: This people’s favorite in Los Angeles is the must-visit spot for people who love Japanese food the most.

Hinoki & the Bird

  • Tom coliccihio’s Heritage Steak: Besides the mind-blowing food that it offers the visitor, its interiors are just mind-blowing.

tom coliccihio’s Heritage Steak

Well, this list is never enough for food passionate personalities! So, trawl the web and look in for some more exciting restaurants and renowned chefs in the US today!

Revivify your Senses at The Park City Food & Wine Classic!

Festivals and events are one definite way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily routines and enliven your senses. And, you need not go far behind to experience the liveliness of festivities. The 10th Park City Food & Wine Classic event is right here! This premier event is held annually in mesmerizing locales of Park City, Utah, with the motive of bringing together the culinary masters and eminent winemakers at one place.

Guests at this extremely engrossing event are introduced to a series of over 100 amazing food artisans, wineries, distilleries, connoisseur suppliers from World over and locally-raised products. And, this time around it’s all the more special. As…

It’s bringing in the rare concept of combining educational classrooms to let you acquire knowledge from the likes of Dave Perkins, Chip McMullin, Nile Zacherle and McCombs, with hands on entertainment at outdoor events in the mountains. So, you will get to see those dashing chefs dressed in the best of their chef’s clothing to impress one and all with their suave persona.

Here’s Something Special to Whet Your Appetite and unleash your inner oenophile as well! As this time around it’s been so planned to let approximately 3,000 people gorge upon more than 500 splendid wines & beers. And, not to forget the fact that irrespective of whether you are a full-fledged epicure or an emerging foodie, you will get to sample bite-sized food stuff from local restaurants.

At this event in Park City, you get to be a part of gaiety and jubilations. So, get your tickets reserve well in-time to play, wine and dine- all in one!

Chef Beanies: A Necessary Expense in the Culinary World

The origin of a chef hat is little bizarre! The tale from the Henry VIII’s era says that when the king found a strand of hair in his soup, he ordered for beheading of the chef as punishment and the replacement was requested to wear a hat from the next time. Since then, chef hats have become an integral part of the chef apparel, and have undergone ample changes to go with the modern trends.

During ancient era, these hats just included a hairnet to prevent such issues from happening again. However, with rising trends and changing tastes of great chefs, a lot of variations were made to include a little creativity and design. Eventually, chef beanies, available in black and white, are the favorites of chefs nowadays!

These beanies are made for both, men and women considering their individual needs. For women, there is an opening at the back to support the ponytail. Besides beanies, net top hats are also a great addition. It has elastic netting to cover longer hair and satisfy the industry specified standards. Its material is partially cotton and partially nylon. Also, the microfiber material used in the chef hats is specially used to absorb the sweat.

Apart from preventing falling of hair in the food, chef beanies and hats are status symbols for the professionals chefs as well. They mark a sense of professionalism in the culinary world and fill them with more passion and vigor to do great in their work.

Experience & Learn the Creative Colors of Cooking!

It is passion that drives us to our dreams! If you are passionate about cooking as a professional or even as an amateur cook here is your chance to bring yourself the exposure to the best ever convention of the finest international master chefs; the 9th Annual International Chefs Congress has its doors open for you in New York City from the 26th to the 28th of October of the year 2014!

This three day cooking seminar is being rightly called ‘A kitchen withoutCheaf uniforms

The name can be justified by the rich experience that it promises to offer to all those people keen on polishing their cooking skills. Here is a look at all that you can look forward to:

1 Witness and learn new means of authentic cooking as this year’s theme itself reads ‘Cooking Honest: The Power of Authenticity in the Kitchen

2  Learn the different forms of cooking from the internationally renowned specialists such as pastry chefs and benefit from the special Mixology workshops, etc.

3  Opportunity to showcase your cooking talent for there will be chances for you to compete with others on grounds of your cooking talent

4  Taste exquisite to popular international cuisines to get you the taste of different cultures and you are bound to be a part of the finest wine tasting seminars and hands on savory

5  Source for the best professional networking with the presence of a business panel that can guide you to grow in this profession
With so much to explore, whether you are a fond cook or someone who craves for the best cuisines, by all means this symposium is sure to be a life changing experience for you!